A Robust Algorithm for Ear Recognition System Based on Self Organization Maps


This paper presents a robust algorithm for ear identification based on geometrical features of the ear and Kohnen Self Organization Maps (SOM). Using ears in identifying people has been interesting at least 100 years. The researches still discuss if the ears are unique or unique enough to be used as biometrics. Ear shape applications are not commonly used, yet, but the area is interesting especially in crime investigation. In this paper we present the basics of using ear as biometric for person identification and authentication. High resolution ear images are taken by high resolution digital camera. Six images have been taken for twenty three persons. Four geometrical distances were calculated for each image. These geometrical distances are used as an input to the unsupervised Kohonen self organization maps. The accuracy of identification were found to be equal to 98%, for the proposed system .We conclude that that the proposed model gives faster and more accurate identification of persons based on the ear biometrics and it works as promising tool for person identification of persons from the image of their ear for criminal investigation purposes.