Syntheses, Characterization and Study of Use of Manganese (III) Schiff-Base Complex as Thermal Initiation in Radical Polymerization of Styrene


The new schiff base complex: Chloro- (bis (salicylaldehyde) ethylene diiminato)aqua manganese (III) is synthesized and characterized. It is used as thermal initiation inradical polymerization of styrene at 80 c◦ in dark without inhibition and retardationcomplication, and the rate of polymerization is directly proportional to the squre root ofinitiator concentration [I]1/2 . gravimetry technique is used for deteremination of the ratepolymerization, and viscometery is used for determination of average of polymerization.The uv- visble spectrophotometry is used to determine the rate constant of initiatordecomposition (ka). The value of the kinetic parameter ratio kp / kt1/2 (Where kp & ktare the rate constants, propagation and termination respectively).