Data Hiding in Sound Using Time Modulation of Unvoiced Blocks


This paper is concerned with hiding secret data in audio media file (.WAV). Whenperforming data hiding in audio, one must exploit the weaknesses of Human Auditory System(HAS), while at the same time being a ware of the extreme sensitivity of this system. Thishiding method is oriented to embed the secret data such that it is capable of surviving againstmodifications produced by MP3 compression standard. Statistical and analyticalinvestigations are performed to assess the variations which may occur in the WAVE audiowhen it is subjected to MP3 compression. Features of speech signal are exploited (Voiced-Unvoiced segments) for embedding the secret data. Hiding is attempt by shortening orelongating the unvoiced blocks of audio file (cover) data. To support the immunity of theproposed hiding system, an encryption method is added to the proposed hiding system.