Prevalence of dental caries in children attended Pedodontic dental clinic Al Mustansiria Collage of Dentistry


AbstractThe purpose of the study to evaluate the dental caries in children at 4-11 years oldof age in pedodontic dental clinic of Al-Mustansiria Collage of Dentistry. The totalsample composed of 646 child 329 males and 317 females.Results showed that the percentage of caries in the occlusal and inter proximalsurfaces were higher in females at age 7-9 years old (51.3%.45.7%) than males(40.1%, 44.8%), with statistically high significant difference for both males andfemales (P<0.01).The prevalence of dental caries for permanent dentition increase with age means(0.0006, 0.0099, 0.0263) for males and means (0, 0011, 0.0072 and 0.012)for females.For primary dentition also highly caries prevalence were showed with increase withage mean (0.077, 0.008 and 0.05) for males and (0.0868, 0.0776 and 0.068) forfemales .with no significant difference for both males and females.