A Prospective Study for Functional Outcome of Tension Band Wiring in Treatment of Proximal Humerus Fractures Neer’s Type III


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:Many methods used for treatment of proximal humerus fractures, in this study used the tension band wiring in treatment of proximal humerus surgical neck as figure of 8 in treatment of these fractures.OBJECTIVE:To prove the advantages of tension band wiring in treatment of proximal humerus fractures.Patients& Methods:From December 2003- December 2006, 16 patients with closed two part surgical Neck proximal humerus fractures Neer’s type III were admitted to the department of orthopaedic surgery and traumatology in Alkarama General Hospital &Sulaimania Teaching Hospital. All patients were males mean age 32 years, all patients were treated by figure –of- 8 tension band wiring techniques with minimal osteosynthesis in fixation, surgical deltoid splitting approach without disturbing the Vascularity of the humeral head, but with a stable secure fixation.RESULTS:The out come of this method of treatment was reviewed monthly for 12 months. The results were evaluated according to the Neer’s criteria and scores. The final follow up 13 patients out of 16 (81.25%) achieved excellent and satisfactory results, 3 patients (18.75%) was rated as unsatisfactory result. So the final outcome according to Neer’s scores was good and excellent result.CONCLUSION:Two parts displaced proximal humerus fractures in young adults patients Treated by open reduction with fixation by tension band wiring has improved the functional outcome results of these type fractures