Study of the effect of decorticated and defatted Castor Seeds (Ricinus Communis Linn.) on sperm functions and characters of male mice.


This study was designed to investigate the effects of decorticated and defatted castorseeds (Ricinus Communis) on the sperms functions and characters of male mice at twoconsecutive spermatogenic cycles. Eighteen albino Swiss male mice with Ten weeks old wereused as animal model, they divided in to three groups (Six male mice of each), 1st groupserved as control group and received distilled water only, and the 2nd group has been set astreatment group which was treated orally with 1.76 mg/kg. BW from watery suspension ofdecorticated and defatted castor seeds extract for 38 days (single spermatogenic cycle). The3rd group has been treated with the same protocol of the 2nd group but was allowed a recoveryperiod (free from the treatment) of another 38 days (double spermatogenic cycles). Themeasured parameters were: total sperm count, Sperms viability, abnormal sperm percentage,and the turbidimeteric parameters of sperm motility.