Suleiman Minor At Contemporary Turkey


Sufism played an important rote in preserving Islamic identity of the Turkish state. It also had a great role in the political activities and had influence on parliament elections. Among the approaches was Al- Sulaymanya which was established by Suleimain Hulmi Tonahan.Al- Sulaymanya was one of the opposition elements for Secularism in Turkey. AL– Sulaymanya, during its first period, was characterized by its unknown identity and aimed at establishing educational and cultural system which is parallel to all secular measurements through establishing many small school (Katatib) for teaching and memorizing the Holy Quran, spreading Arabic Language and reviving Islamic science: Fiqih, traditions (Hadith) and interpretation. The aim of AL– Sulaymanya was to establish an Islamic state. At first it was characterized by extremely as it declared Al-Jihad against Secularism in Turkey. But after allowing political parties to work after the 2nd world War; and despite Tonahan's attitude towards parties activity, he and his followers after his death, were participating in Parliamentary whom they think the best in serving Islam and Muslims. This made political Turkish parties admire and like Al-Sulaymanya.