First Record of Olive Rust Mites Tegolophus hassani (Keifer) (Acerina: Eriophyidae) on Olive in Baghdad


Field Experiment was conducted at Al-Zafarania station/Baghdad Province during 2008 to identily eriophyid infesting nurseries and olive trees. Results indicated the diagnosing and recording of a new species of olive mites infested trees and nurseries called the olive rust mite Tegolophus (Tegonotus) hassani (Keifer). Therefore this finding is considerd as a first record for this pest in Iraq. Female body spindlefshape, color dull yellow, long (113-160) micron, shield subtriangular and design obscure, Dorsel abdomen without micro tubercles while ventral side with elongate micro tubercles. Coxae with heavy lines of granules curving accessory seta absent coveflap 15 longitudinal. Periodical test for mik samples on slides showed that this species was found from April to the end of September and the high population density was recorded during May.