A Simplified Mathematical Model to Calculate the Maximum Usable Frequencies Over Iraqi Territory


In this project, the spatial and temporal variation of maximum usablefrequency (MUF) parameter is investigated and modeled. The values of MUF forBaghdad station links, with other stations distributed over Iraq territory, wheredetermined using the international reference model (RECF533) for HFpropagation. The determined MUF dataset reflected that the spatial distribution ofthis parameter for Baghdad station shows circular symmetry, which stimulated thepossibility of using a two dimensional second order polynomial in order todescribe MUF variation. The main feature of this adopted mathematical model isits low complexity. The results of conducted analysis indicated that the spatialvariation of MUF is simple while its temporal variation is more complicated andneeds more sophisticated mathematical description than the polynomialdescription. The test results showed that the accuracy of proposed simple modellies within the tolerance of REC533 reference model.