A Study of Discourse - Stylistic as an Approach in The Analysis of Blake's Poem "The Little Black Boy"


Abstract:-A discourse-stylistic analysis is presented in this study of a poem of a well- known poet of the British literature, William Blake. Discourse-stylistic has the benefits of an eclectic methodology as well as an organized study. It can establish a connection between linguistics and literary studies. Accordingly, the current study shows that how the poet uses the cohesive and stylistic devices to convey a figurative meaning of certain texts in order to deliver to the complete meanings. Thus, this study aims at identifying certain types of cohesive and stylistic devices used by Blake in his selected poem. Describing how cohesive and stylistic devices work together to create the whole meaning of the selected poem. Moreover, determining the reasons of using specific types of cohesive and stylistic devices by the poet. Based on the results and findings, the study has drawn the following conclusions: through this study, a discourse-stylistic analysis of the selected poem has shown that the poet has used different types of cohesive and stylistic devices to convey his exact meanings and thoughts of the poem. Therefore, the words selected by the poets have a big influence on how meaning is developed.Keywords: