Effect of locally manufactured pobiotic on hatchability and fertility traits of broiler breeder (IPA 2000)


This experiment was conducted to study the effect of different levels of probiotic product manufactured locally on broiler breeder performance (IPA 2000), the experiment were lasted for 98 days (14 weeks).108 hen and 20 cockerels 51 weeks old broiler breeder (IPA 2000) were used in this experiment, and distributed into 3 treatments with three replicates for each treatment (36 hens and 6 cockerels per treatment).البحث مستل من أطروحة دكتوراه للباحث الأولThe birds in the first treatment were the control treatment, 4 and 6 kg of locally manufactured probiotic product per ton were given to the birds in the second and third treatment respectively. The eggs produced by the treatments were collected from hens at 53, 54, 56, 57, 59, 61, and 62 weeks with 10 days maximum period storage before entered the hatchery.The results of 2173 eggs hatching revealed that adding probiotic significantly (p<0.01) increase fertility percentage, which leading to the significant (p<0.01) in accumulative chicks per hen per 98 days, also, significant (p<0.0001) increase in chick weight happened in the bird fed probiotic ration.