Effect of plant growth regulators in both chemical and physical characteristics leaves and the fruits of eggplant


Research has been done in the Department of Science - College of Basic Education - University of Diyala led GA3 concentration (200-100 ppm) resulted in significant increase in the length of the fruit in the average weight of the fruit and low in fruit diameter. The ccc led to the lack of the average number of seeds in fruits are moral, while a CK, GA3 (200-100 ppm) to increase the percentage of dry matter are not significant, CK), GA3, NAA, IAA) concentration (100-200 ppm ) led to the increase in carbohydrates are not significant and resulted in ABA, NAA both concentrations to low ratio percentages of phosphorus in the fruits are moral, LED (GA3, CK, ABA) concentration (100-200 ppm) to increase the ratio percentages of potassium in the fruits are not morale and led the transaction with (NAA, MH) to the opposite effect NAA concentration) 200 100 ppm) led to a few percentage of phosphorus in the paper are significant GA3 concentration (200-100 ppm) and NAA concentration (200 ppm) has led to a lack of content Alkruvili paper plant (chlo. (A + B), chlo.B, chlo.A) are significant compared to untreated plants.