Seasonal occurrence of Eriophyid Mites Aceria oleae (Nalepa) and Tegolophus hassani (Keifer) on some olive cultivars and their susceptibility to infestation in middle of Iraq


Eriophyid Mite is considered to be one of the important pests on olive shrub and trees in Iraq. Field studies indicated that population of the two species of Eriophyid Mite were found on olive shrub and trees during the study period. Eriophyid mites moving from leaves to fruits during summer months, particularly in June. When the fruit became mature it return to the young leaves and finally disappeared from fruit in the beginning of October. There were two periods activity in the middle of Iraq, the first start of from April to June (spring duration) and second period was from September to the middle of January (Fall duration). البحث مستل من رسالة ماجستير للباحث الثاني The study showed that all cultivars were infested by Eriophyid Olive Mite.The most sensitive cultivars were (Shami, Khudhiry) and the average number of mite/ leaf (50.61, 43.58) respectively. The less sensitivity cultivars (Nibaly, AShrasy ,Sorany and Qissy) and the average number amounting of mite/leaf (35.70, 34.68, 25.29 and 25.16) respectively.