The D Rhyme Poem of Durayd Bin Alssima, (A Stylistic Study)


The present research has dealt with the D rhyme poem of Durayd Bin Alssima in his elegy of his brother – a stylistic study. The study was divided into four parts: death, integration, kinship and blood unity and the triumph of life. The poem was studied according to the four levels: semantic, structural, rhetorical and phonological. The semantic level worked together with the structural level to confirm the triumph of life in spite of the poet's grief to his brother. The poet has found through the rhetorical level especially metonymy and simile for the semantic dimensions of woman and the person lamented. As to the phonological level; it has achieved a structural task by imparting life and liveliness versus silence and grief oppressing the text as well as revealing the aesthetic, semantic and rhythmical features of the text.