Soaking Effects on the Shear Strength Parameters and Bearing Capacity of Soil


This research includes complete study of the laboratory examinations forsoil layers and its engineering properties for certain areas of Baghdad city(Alkadhimya, Alaitaifiya, and Alhurriya). The soil was classified according toUSCS and showed the soil is considered as a non homogenous Because of thepresence of multiple chemical materials in the soil, some chemical examinationshave been done such as sulphate percentage, gypsum content, total soluble salts, inaddition to the amount of acidity and alkality (pH) in the soil. In this research thedirect shear test was used to obtained to value (cohesion and internal friction angle)for the soil in both natural situation and (24 hour) in water soaked situation. Thelaboratory tests results showed that these soils have high bearing capacity wasvaried between (1200 --- 3000) kPa while (760 --- 1000) kPa at soaking state andthat the parameters of shear (cohesion and internal friction angle) decrease whensoaked in water but the main decrease was in cohesion value. Soaking of soilsreduced cohesion by approximately (2-2.5) folds, while the angle of internalfriction exhibited marginal reduction