Reducing the Concentrations of Chromium and Cyanide from Industrial Wastewater By Chemical Treatments Substitutes


The attempt on Chromium and Cyanide removing from industrial wastewaterof chemical plotting was achieved by using the natural polymer ( animal gelatin 0and calcium salts . Among three treatments with non treated wastewater , we wereselected the treatment with calcium chloride and gelatin in which the chromium(Cr +6 ) reduced from 3.5 mg /l to 0.86 mg / l and the cyanide from 0.06 mg /l to0.03 mg / l . The treatment with gelatin alone reduced concentration of the cyanideto 0.015 mg / l. Chromium adsorption in three treatments after two hours ofstabling was ranged between 37 – 75 % and cyanide 30 – 75 % which becamewithin the limitation.