Calculation the Cross Sections and Neutron Yield for 50Cr(p,n)50Mn Reaction


In this study intermediate elements 50Cr , 50Mn for 50Cr(p,n)50Mn reaction as well asproton energy from (3.4576) MeV to (148.0) MeV with threshold energy (8.8179)MeV areused according to the available data of reaction cross sections. The more recent cross sectionsdata of 50Cr(p,n)50Mn reaction is reproduced in fine steps and by using (Matlab-7.6 )programand get the equation from 10-degree for plotted .By using inverse reaction principle also getmathematical equation to calculate the cross section of 50Mn(n,p)50Cr . We deduced that thehigh probability to produced 50Cr by bombard 50Mn by neutron. These cross sections togetherwith the stopping powers calculated from the Zeigler formula have been used to calculate then-yield for reaction.