Effect of Apple- Lite Contained of Apple Fibers and Apple Gel Pectin on Body Weight, Lipid Profiles, Kidney Function and Histological Structure of Kidney in Male Albino Rats.


In this study, we evaluated the effect of Apple- lite for 4 weeks on body weight, lipid profiles,kidney functions and histological structure of kidney in male rats. Twenty adult male albino rats (240 -250 gm) were divided into 2 groups: The first group was considered as control group. The secondgroup was treated orally with Apple- lite (55 mg/kg b.w) by use of intragastric tube. Differentphysiological parameters were performed including recording of the body weight and measuring lipidprofiles, creatinine and urea levels. Body weight gain, total cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL cholesterol,and VLDL cholesterol levels were significantly (p< 0.05) reduced in Apple- lite treated rats whencompared with the control rats. Urea level was significantly (p< 0.05) increased in Apple- lite treatedrats, but HDL cholesterol and creatinine levels were none significantly (P >0.05) increased whencompared with the control rats. Histological examination of Apple- lite treated rat’s kidney showedaggregation of inflammatory cells (monocytes) around glomerulus, fibrosis around Bowman's capsule,and congestion of blood vessels. From these results it can be conclude that the treatment with Appleliteproduced a significant reduction in body weight and lipid profiles, but it is incapable of improvingthe kidney functions. Also there are histopathological effects on kidney tissue in treated rats.