Objectives of family planning in a sample of women attending Al-Sheikh Omar health center


This study was carried out to find out the characteristics of the attendants to the family planning clinics in regard to their reasons for attendance, their family size, and the type of contraception they preferred. Design of the study was cross section, conducted in Al-Sheikh Omar health center in Baghdad City. A sample size of 539 was selected by simple random sampling from attendants of the family planning clinic in the health center. Results of the study revealed a mean of age of 27 years, and 33.02% had been married for 8 years and has 2-4 live births. The last child of 30.28% of women was more than 3 years old. Attendance was for contraception in 99.25% of women, and 65.3% of them preferred oral contraceptive pills. The reason for refusing pregnancy was economic difficulty in 56.2% of women, and anemia was the most frequent medical reason for using contraception.