The Effects of Waste Products of generators exhausts on Foam Gland in Male Japanese Quail (contunix conurnix) Anatomical and Histological study


Abstract: This study had been made to detect the gross and histological changes of cloacal gland (foam gland) in Fourty males of Japanese quail which exposed to waste products of generator exhausts with different periods. The Fourty males Japanese quail were divided into four groups showed that, a mild foam production of cloacal glands with mild atrophy was observed in third group which exposed to exhaust for a period of 20 days. The cloacal glands were atrophied, and no foam production was appeared in the first and second groups which exposed to exhaust for a period of 40 and 60 days, while normal glandular size and heavy foam production was noticed in the fourth group (control group). The histological changes of cloacal gland in the first and second groups revealed atrophy of its secretory units and the lining of these secretory units were flat epithelial cells. Beside, the septa and the interstitial connective tissue were thick. The lining secretory units of the cloacal gland in the third group showed low cuboidal cells with slightly thickened of the lamina properia and the interstitial connective tissue. While the cloacal gland of control group showed features of normal glandular histology were their secretory units lined by simple columnar epithelium. These cells have negative PAS stain granules. The lamina properia in the control group was thick with well vascularized connective tissue.