Manufacture of Light Weight Ceramic Bodies as Thermal Insulator From Local Material


The research work covers a study of the feasibility of producinglightweight ceramic thermal insulation bodies used for lining the furnacesby adding saw dust and AlF3 to the Dewechla clay (Kaolinite).AlF3 is achemical waste materials in the Akashat–factories in Rutba to theDewechla clay (kaolinite). Finely distributed Saw dust and ALF3 wereadded to clay with different weight percentages (0, 15, 25, 35 & 40) Wt%.Cylindrical shape samples (30mm diameter and 30 mm height) wereprepared by using the semi–dry method, moulding pressure was(500Kg/cm²). After drying at (110C◦), the samples were burnt at (900, 950,1000, 1050&1100) C◦. The fired samples were investigated to obtain theirproperties, bulk density, porosity ,compressive strength and thermalconductivity. It was possible to produce ligh-weight ceramic thermalinsulators with bulk density between (700 and 1300) Kg/m³ compressivestrength not less than (25) Kg/cm² and thermal conductivity between (0.2and 0.4) Kcal/m.h.c.