Evaluation of the Result of Whole Penile Foreskin Transposition in Hypospadias Repair


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:There are many technique of foreskin transposition, which may be employed in conjunction with any of the technique for reconstruction of neourethra.OBJECTIVE:The aim is to evaluate the result of the whole penile foreskin transfer to resurface the shaft after reconstruction of neourethra by a modified Mustarde technique.METHODS:Sixty hypospadias patients, thirty one with distal penile type and the other twenty-nine were midshaft penile type, treated by Glenn Shepard modification of Mustarde technique to reconstruct neourethra, the whole foreskin transport and wrapped around the shaft.RESULTS:The minimal fallow up was 8 months. The functional and the cosmetic result were satisfactory for most of the patients with three exceptions which represent 5% of the cases who ended in complete failure and other complications were minor.CONCLUSION:The whole foreskin flap wrapped around the shaft to resurface the whole shaft including the neourethra may minimize the risk of fistula formation. Securing the neourethra to the corpora by several interrupted absorbable suture provide adhesion of the tube to bed and may give better chance of healing and prevent twisting of the tube, firm and uniform dressing is essential