Propranolol Alone For Preoperative Preparation of Thyrotoxic Patients


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:Thyrotoxicosis is a common disease which might require surgery. Thyroidectomy without preoperative preparation exposes the patient to the fatal risk of thyrotoxic crisis. Neomercazole is the standard preoperative regimen. Propranolol might be an ideal alternative.OBJECTIVE:This study aims to demonstrate the safety and the convenience of the Beta-blocker propranolol in the preoperative preparation of the thyrotoxic patients.METHODS:Over a period from. 1998 to 2006 fifty patients undergoing thyroidectomy for thyrotoxicosis in private and governmental hospitals were preoperatively prepared using propranolol alone.RESULT:Propranolol was very rapid in controlling thyrotoxicosis in a dose of 160-480 mg/day. The operative and postoperative periods went on smoothly without any complications.CONCLUSION:Propranolol is a cheap, safe and effective in the preoperative preparation of the thyrotoxic patients and might be used as a routine.