Evidence of Correlation between Some Auto Antibodies with Complement Component in Lupus Nephritis


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:lupus nephritis is a fatal complication of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), the serological hallmark of SLE is the presence of circulating autoantibodies directed against a wide variety of nuclear, cytoplasmic and plasma membrane antigens among which are anticardiolipin (ACL),anti-B2glycoprotein and anti-C1q antibodies, together with the consumption of complement component (C3 &C4) by immune complex mediated reaction.AIM OF STUDY:To shed light on the relations among these autoantibodies and with complement component in lupus nephritis patients.METHODS:Tthe study was conducted on 25 patients with lupus nephritis, attended the renal clinic in specialized surgical hospital/ medical city /Baghdad, 25 lupus patients without nephritia and 25 healthy controls.Enzyme linked immunsorbant assay was used for detection for ACL, anti-B2GP, anti-C1q, while single radial immundiffusion plates used for the estimation of C3& C4.RESULTS AND CONCLUSION:Anticardiolipin antibodies correlated significantly with anti-B2GP IgG & IgM (P<0.05), anti-C1q antibodies (P