chlorpromazine , determination, 2,2`-bipyridyl, spectrophotometry


This paper describes the development of a spectrophotometric method for the determination of chlorpromazine hydrochloride drug via oxidation reduction method which based on the reduction of iron (III) by the chlorpromazine hydrochloride to iron(II) which gives a soluble colored complex when reacts with the reagent 2,2`-bipyridyl at room temperature having maximum absorption at 521 nm against reagent blank. Beer´s law was obeyed over the concentration range of 2.5 to 300 µg/25 ml with an apparent molar absorptivity of 1.054 x 104 l.mol-1cm-1 and Sandell`s sensitivity of 0.033 µ The relative error is ranged from -0.1 to -1.66% and relative standard deviation from ±0.2 to ±1.37% . The method has been applied successfully to the determination of chlorpromazine hydrochloride in two dosage forms : tablets and ampoules. Additives and excipients normally found in dosage forms do not interfere