In vitro Fertilization in Iraqi Local Goats


412 primary ova were used in the study of in vitro fertilization, these ova were collected from ovaries samples of does at different stages of oestrous cycle collected from abattoirs.These follicles were classified according to their size into large follicles (> 2-6 mm) and small follicles (1-2 mm). Ova aspirated from these follicles were evaluated depending on the presence or absence of cumulus oophorus cells and on the presence of the first polar body. The aspirated ova from large and small follicles were maturated in tissue culture medium 199 to study their ability of maturation.. The microdrops technique from tissue culture (Medium 199) and granulosa cell co-culture technique were used for the maturation of ova, also the in vitro fertilization was inducted in these ova with the sperm which were capacitated in Bracket Medium. The results showed that the highest rate for ova aspiration and the highest rate of ova surrounded by cumulas oophorus were from the large, follicles. The size of follicle has a significant influence on the degree of ova growth and maturation. The results showed the absence of significant differences in the efficacy of two techniques used in the ova maturation and their ability of fertilization.