The Effect of Climatic Elements on Atmospheric Turbidity and Air Pollution in Baghdad City - Iraq


This investigation has been conducted to study the effect of climatic elements on atmospheric turbidity and air pollution.North westerly wind direction has the highest values in June , July, August , and September .It reaches 13.86 , 16.17,14.07 and 11. 79 day respectively following by the Calm , Westerly and Northerly direction .The dust values were 1.20 , 2.10 , 2.40 , 2.40 , 2.60 , 1.70 , 3.10 , and 1.30 day for January , February , March , April , May , June , July and August respectively .The highest values were 3.10 , 2.60 2.40 and 2.40 fur the months July, May, March and April .However , the dust values decrease to 0.70, 0.70 and 0.9 in January , September and November. Wind velocity and air temperature increase from March to August each year in Baghdad area .The relation between North westerly wind direction ( X ) and dust or pollutant particles ( Y ) is described by the following quadratic regression equation:Y = 13.1414 – 2.2438X + 0.1006X2 r = 0.9301The relation between calm ( x ) and dust or pollutant particles ( Y ) is shown by the following power regression equation :Y = 13.4345 X – 1.4847 r = 0.8325The cloud smoke and smog are common in Baghdad sky. This phenomena is clearly increase in the period from June to September particarlly in stagnant air (calm) time in the late hours of the days . It is visible situation that the number of people who have Lungs , heart and allergy strange problems are increasing gradually in the resent years and a lot of people go to hospitals during the dust storm and other chemical pollution (SMOG).