Secret Technique To Hiding Image After Compression In Cover Image


This paper presents a technique for image compression and hiding in image of a high secret has been applied to wavelet transform and wavelet transform packet first apply two dimensional wavelet transform packet on the cover image was analysis and resorting to (Secret Sub bands level) of the cover image has secret algorithm either the image you want to hide has been compressed using two dimensional wavelet transform and then the application (Hard Thresholding) in order to reduce the values of the image and was also re-sorting to the transactions analysis (Secret Sub-band level) of the secret image(compressed image) Through a secret algorithm and then was minimized transaction values of sub bands level of image want to hide, the key used (random generated Key )to hide the secret, andthis system has the property of the secret high in the process of concealment and the distribution of transactions analyzed for the image want to hide After the hitwas so secret key and collected(adding) with the sub band level of the cover imageon the adoption of the proposal are known algorithm with the secret key for boththe sender and the receiver.