Removal of water- soluble Fast Green and Crystal violet Days with modified clay


AbstractIn this study, the adsorption of certain water-soluble cationic and anionic two dyes, (Fast Green and Crystal violet) from aqueous solutions on modified Clay ( Polymer of kaoline- poly vinyl Alcohol) as an adsorbent.A series of experiments were undertaken in a batch adsorption technique to access the effect of the process variables i.e. initial dye concentration, contact time, initial pH, adsorbent dose, temperature and agitation rate. The adsorption capacity of basic dyes was higher (3.1,7.12 mg.g-1) with the Lower value of the temperature (293 K), adsorbent dosage (0.1, 0.05 gm) higher values at pH7 and agitation rate (100 rpm) for (F.G) and (C.V) respectively. The equilibrium in the solution was observed within (30 min) which indicated by UV-Visible absorption spectroscopy technique.The equilibrium data for adsorption were fitted to the Freundilch and Langmuir isotherm, . The thermodynamic parameters ∆G, ∆H, and ∆S have been calculated which the values of percent adsorbed(%) and Distribution ratio(KD )for two dyes by modified Clay were calculated