Comparison between the Efficiency of Liposome and Dimethylsulfoxide to Induce Transfection of the Rabbit’s Sperm


The main objective of this research is to identify the efficiency of reducing the total cost of the utilizing of the cost-effective liposomes by using non-cost effective substitutes such as DMSO. Direct comparison between two transfectants; the high cost liposome and the low cost DMSO was made on the basis of their direct DNA interaction ability. Direct protective relationship of liposome with DNA and seminal fluid was identified compared with DMSO. Different treatments (linearized DNA, circular DNA, restriction enzyme – liposome – DNA, restriction enzyme – DMSO – DNA, DMSO – DNA and liposome – DNA, and even naked DNA) were all found to be successful to internalize inside the head of the sperm according to PCR results. Despite the clear and significant relationship that were observed between liposome and DNA compared with DMSO, but there was no difference in the efficiency of each of which to escort the exogenous DNA in its way into the head of the sperm.