Absorption properties of novolac-alumina-graphite mixture microwave absorbers in x-band frequencies


Absorption properties (Attenuation coefficient, the percentage of the reflection, and the percentage of absorption) in x-band have been investigated in this paper for novolac – alumina- graphite mixture. Using novolac as the host material, the samples are prepared with alumina concentrations (5%,10%,15%,20%) and graphite concentrations (5%,10%) with thickness equal to 2.2mm .Network analyzer produced by HP-8510 was used in this work to measure the attenuation coefficient. The samples (3, 5) have good attenuation of wave with bandwidth of frequencies. The maximum of attenuation is -25dB at frequency 10.28GHZ in sample (3) which has concentrations (80%novolac,10%alumina,and 5% graphite) and -24 dB at frequency 10.56GHZ in sample (5) which has concentrations (75%novolac, 15%alumian, and 10% graphite). From the results of the attenuation coefficient, the percentage of the reflection is calculated. The percentage of absorption can be calculated from the percentage of the reflection.