Juvenile Delinquency after U.S Invasion of Iraq in 2003 Field Study: Mosul City as an Examples


Misdemeanor is a phenomenon that Iraqi society suffers from due to the occupation .It is an obvious problem just like the causes which are different in their effect in different societies that may lead unanimously or singly to different Misdemeanor conducts. Misdemeanor is a major problem that human societies undergo because it results in psychological and social effects on the minor person. It leaves negative dangerous effects in society like increasing criminal acts, robbery, drugdealing, corruption, and moral corruptions. Wars and crises are among the factors that cause Misdemeanor. The minor person, who is raised up in a fearful and scary society in which killing, terror and feeling unsecure, tends to be one of two things: he either tends to feer and becomes imbalanced in personality plus being unconcerned with correcting his mistakes to avoid falling in problems or he is raised up violently or naughtily. So, he doesn’t participate in developing his society positively. Today in Iraq after war, Misdemeanor began to appear noticeably because of the circumstances that encircled Iraqi society. Firstly the absence of government al authority, namely, police and security. This leuds to chaos which extended to all Iraqi cities . The absence of anthority and not arresting the outlaws encouraged others to begin stealing and premeditated killing. This resulted in increasing criminal phenomena in Iraqi society and in appearing new conducts of crimes that were never happened before.