Production and Evaluation of Tomato F1 Hybrids Under Plastic–house Conditions


In adiallel mating system of six lines of tomato Hybrid vigor, combining ability, heritability and gene action of several trials were tested under plastic houses conditions during 1999-2000 years using a randomized complete block design with four replicates.The results indicated that the hybrid vigor , general and specific combining abilities were significant for studied characteristic, however the hybrid vigor gave an early production yield (217.95%) of reciprocal cross (IPAL-1016IPAL-1001) while the hybrid vigor (28.2%) of total yield reciprocal cross (IPAL-1021IPAL-1008).البحث مستل من رسالة ماجستير للباحث الثالثThe crosses (IPAL-1008IPAL-1001) and (IPAL-1008IPAL-1023) produced fruit weight (79.1 and 78.8 gm) the hybrid (S25IPAL1023) produced higher fruit number (68.3) fruit plant.The results, also indicated that the inheritance of the studied characteristics were mainly under effect of the non additive gene in addition to the effect of additive gene.