Methods and Approaches to Word Utterances


Many of Arabic language learners and teachers, native and non-native, are fed up with the strict traditional teaching methods and are seeking new approaches which might be able to refresh the whole language teaching system. Thus, educational experts have initiated a new deep look inside teaching methodologies, having created several diverse teaching methods. Some experts have attempted in the field of writing and speaking. That’s because improvement of every language learning is dependent upon these two basic skills, since speaking is the utmost important result of language learning. There are too many approaches in teaching ‘word utterances’, which include speaking and writing, in Arabic teaching, such as; Problem Raising, Storming, Cognitive Approach, Trust , etc…. These approaches are totally helpful in creating a refreshing educational world for language learners and demonstrating new horizons in this area. It is not possible to discuss all these in one article; however, the investigation of some of the most important approaches is a useful act in that it will enable the reader to choose the best approach. The present article is trying to introduce the most significant new approaches in teaching word utterances in Arabic, focusing on writing and speaking. It will attempt to analyze the positive and negative points of these approaches so that the reader would be able to read the best approach, and by so doing, increase his/her success in teaching.