Developing Multistage Heuristic Algorithm To Minimize Idle Time And Makespan In Job Shop Scheduling


The behavior and performance of job shops have been the focus andattention in both operations research and operations management literature. Job shop scheduling has received this large amount of attention, because it has the potential to dramatically decrease costs and increase throughput, thereby, profits. Moreover, the increasing of product customization creates more job shop environment in manufacturing world. No doubt, a wide variety of approaches tothe modeling and solution of job shop scheduling problems have been reported in the literature. But, the research in this area is continuous. In this paper, Multistage Heuristic Algorithm based on priority dispatching rules is developed. This algorithm has been implemented to solve three cases. Schedules generated havebeen compared with those obtained by means of the basic algorithm. As a result, Multistage Heuristic Algorithm shows the ability of minimizing: machines idle time, total time of machines and makespan.