Tense-Aspect Selection In Biochemistry Texts A Semantic-Grammatical Study


This paper tackles both the structure and the semantics of the finite verb phrases in writings concerning the biochemistry articles, the structures and meanings of finite verb phrases associated with tense and aspect. Many articles which have been chosen from certain scientific journals and academic magazines that might develop an understanding about the significance of the mentioned grammatical terms (i.e. tense and aspect) occurrence in genre analyses.Generally speaking, most of the scientific writings are basically restricted to a certain type of tense which is the simple present tense; however, there are some features or restrictions which must be applied in writing papers to express different meanings.It is found that there are some features misused by foreign writers that might cause confusion for some of them in identifying the suitable tense- aspect selection. The selection of tense and aspect is not an arbitrary one. It needs full understanding or a specific syllabus to improve the use of such concepts by some non-native users (i.e. scientists).