Effect of Autumn Foliar Sprays with Nitrogen on Two Verities of Jujube ( Z. mauritiana and Z. spina-christi )


This study was conducted at the College of Agriculture , University of Baghdad / Abu-Ghraib during Autumn 2002 to study the effect of foliar sprays with three levels of nitrogen ( 0, 10, 20 gm / N / L) using Urea as a source for the nitrogen on varities of Jujube (Ziatuny and Tuffahi) while belong to the species Z. mauritiana and the other three varieties (Bambawi, Mallasii and Bathri) which belong to the species Z. spinachristi.البحث مستل من رسالة ماجستير للباحث الثانيRandomized Complete Block Design were adapted with three replicate .The results can be summarized as follows:The Zaituny varity gave the highest stem length and diameter and the hargest angle between the stem and the branches and the highest percentage of dry weight and nitrogen content of leaves and the roots dry weights.Al-Batheri varity gave the highest branches on the mainstem, largest number of leaves and leaf area of the plant and the number and length of thorn.The Tufahi varity gave the lowest total area and the highest root length and diameter , while the highest leaf area was in Bambawi varity.Using 20 g / L nitrogen gave the highest length and diameter of main stem, number of branches on main stem, their length, angle width, number of leaves, leaf area, total leaf area per plant and highest length and diameter of main roots.The interaction between varities and fertilizer treatments have the significant effects on the studied characteristics.