Effect of some cytokinins , Auxins and Adenine sulfate in multipication of Zizyphus mauritiana sooht tip on tissue culture techniquies


This study was conducted in tissue culture laboratory , Department of Horticulture , College of Agriculture , University of Baghdad , Many experiments were carried out to study the effect of different growth regulators like cytokinins , Auxins and adenine sulphate at different concentration when used in growth media for Z. mauritiana in the laboratory.Branches with 1-1.5 cm length was cultured in test tubes with MS media which specially used for multiplication . The test tubes were incubated in growth camber at 25 C.البحث مستل من رسالة ماجستير للباحث الثانيNumber and length of branches where recorded after 6 weeks from culturing in all experiments.Randomized Complete Block Design with ten replicate were used to compare the results examined by Duncan test at 5% level of significant.The results can be summarized as follow :There are a possibility of multiplication and formation of many branches from one cultured branch.Culturing branches in MS media with BA at 2.0 mg/L and NAA at 0.1 mg/L in which 3.0 branches with 4.1 cm length.Adding adenine sulphate at different concentration significantly increased the number and length of branches formed. 4.2 branches with 5.2 cm length were formed when adenine sulphate at a concentration of 40 mg/L.