Relations of Trace and Major Elements with Cardiovascular Diseases


Abstract Back ground and objective: Considerable research has been directed towards the associations between Zn,Cu, Mg & the incidence of CVD in 40 patients aged 45–67 y of both sexes,the objectives of this study were to measure the levels of selected parameters in patients group and compared with 25 apparently healthy adults as a control group , furthermore , compared between patient groups MI N= 20 ,HT N = 20, find –out the sex effect, in addition, evaluate the correlation between these elements. METHODS:This study was performed at College of Pharmacy/ Hawler Medical University in period between 15/1/2010 - 30/10/2010 the studied parameters were measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometer in Baghdad /Ministry of Science and Technology /Department Researches of Chemistry. RESULTS :The results of the patients group were Zn=0.54 ug/ml±0.13,Cu= 0.78ug/ml ±030 ,Mg=11.67±2.12 as compared with the control group ,their results were Zn= 0.745 ± 0.14 ,Cu= 0.96± 0.004, Mg= 18 ±3.The results of this study were statistically significantly decreased in patients group as compared with the control group P<0.001. CONCLUSIONS: There were a statistical significant decrease in the studied parameters in patient groups as compared with the control group P<0.001.