The Effect of the Aqueous Extract of Peganum harmala Seeds on the Mammary Glands of Virgin, Pregnant, and Lactating Rats


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:Penganum harmala is a well known herb that is used by different societies. It is used as a medicalherb in treating various diseases and disorders .There was no earlier published work on the effects ofthe aqueous extract of Peganum harmala . Therefore, we designed this study to investigate the effectof the aqueous extract of Peganum harmala seeds on the mammary gland at the various physiologicalstates (virgin, pregnancy and lactation) making use of the available histological, histochemical, andimmunohistochemical means.METHODS:Aqueous extract of Peganum harmala was given for two weeks by an orogastric tube on single regulardaily dosage to Norway albino female rats. Animals were subdivided into subgroups according totheir physiological states. Mammary glands of these animals were routinely processed for histological,immunohistochemical and histochemical studies using formalin fixative ,paraffin embedded sectionsin the first two studies and formal calcium, frozen sections in the third study. Experimental specimenswere compared with that of control subgroups.RESULTS :Harmal induced mammogenesis in the mammary glands of virgin rats. It's aqueous extract was able toinitiate lactogenesis in a well-prepared mammary gland (i. e. during pregnancy) and finally thisaqueous extract promotes lactogenesis when administrated during lactation.CONCLUSION :Peganum harmala is a mmammogenic herb .KEYWORDS: Peganum harmala, mammary