Studies in the vegetative characterization to the F1 hybrid grape produced from crossing between Alabbasi and Thompson seedless cultivars


This study was conducted at a private vineyard located in Abu-Ghraib/Baghdad during 2003 and 2004 growing season to investigate the characterization of the F1 hybrid which produced by crossing between Alabbasi and Thompson seedless CV. and compared with the parents. Treatments were replicated 5 times using RCBD. All date were subjected to analysis of variance and means were seperated by Duncan’s multiple range test at 0.05 level.البحث مستل من رسالة ماجستير للباحث الثانيThe main results of the study can be summarized as follow: 1.Thompson seedless cv resulted in a significant increased in leaf area (92.63, 96.25 cm2) for both season, while F1/1 hybrid gave the lowest average (78.72 cm2) in the first season and F1/2 hyprid gave the lowest average for th e second season (82.63 cm2). 2.F1/3 hybrid showed significantly increase in leaf area of shoots as compared with Alabbasi and Thompson seedless cv. for both seasons. 3.Thompson seedless cv. showed the highest average in leaf area per vine for both seasons (12.03, 12.85 m2) and significantly higher than F1/1 hybrid which resulted in a lower average (9.32, 8.98 m2).4.It was found that the highest average of cane length in F1/2 hybrid for both seasons and significantly higher than the F1/1 hybrid and Alabbasi cv. in the first season but not for the second season.