Economics of Size of sheep Herds in Al-Anbar Province


It has been shown that sheep breeders rely on artificial pastures for their sheep,s nutrition in 75% of their breeding years because of unsuitable environmental conditions for natural pastures growth in the province. Fifty percent of sheep breeders believe that disease breakout in their herds belongs to inactivity of inoculums and drugs in one hand and to the fact that their pastures in which they breed their sheep's are polluted in other hand .They believe that these drawbacks are stand behind the elevation of both fall-down and death percentages in births.Cost functions have been estimated with their various figures. it has been shown that the cubic function without constant factor is most significant for expression the relation between cost and production .the value of R2 is 0.97 indicating that nearly 97% of cost changes belong to production changes. Function parameters have been used for calculation of volume production that achieves the highest economical efficiency .it has been found to be 4953 kg meat per year, total cost of 1 kg of meat is 5940 I.D. per kg at this production level .Herd volume which achieves the highest economical efficiency is about 420 head and it's economical efficiency about 98%. While the heard volumes which performed within economical efficiency region are between 200-600 heads which represent 43% of herds under investigation.It has been shown that the breeder works loosely when the customer price is under 6600 I.D. per kg .he gets a prophet when the prices are higher than the customer price with a condition of being works in the optimal volumes for each price.