Information as an economic wealth


Countries depend on different resources to build up theireconomies. Some depend on what they mine such as oil,gold, and diamond ……..etc. Others depend on trade andports, and some others depend on tourism, summervacations, trade, agriculture or a mixture of what has beenmentioned above.Yet many countries do not have the wealth or theresources to build up their economies. So, they tend tounearth new resources which bring about wealth. Theinformation has it that if distancing the resource is wellinvested and supported by the right structure, there will benational wealth that brings about large revenue.Many countries especially in the Arab world, seek torecognize the perception already, in order to mentionedfind and establish strong and proper structure forinformational economy and to overcome the obstacles andchallenges that face it. The study aims at defining thesupporting structures to identify information features andthen to examine the experiment of the economies, of thedeveloping countries. One result of the study is that greatchallenges: scientific, technical, cultural, social andfinancial materializes, on the ground of the poorinformation followed.One of the recommendations is the necessity toaddress our selves toward informational economy, afterfinding out solutions for the problems and also finding theinfrastructures and superstructures of information that canbe achieved through various plans