Speech Encryption Technique Based on Bio-Chaotic Algorithm


In today world of advancement, it is mandatory task to share, distribute andexchange the information like image, speech, text files throw publicwired/wireless networks. Therefore, security gains more and more importanceespecially in those organizations where information is more critical and moreimportant. Instead of using the traditional encryption techniques, Biometricslike speech uniquely identifies a person and a secure method for streamcipher, because Biometric characteristics are ever living and unstable innature. In this paper wavelet packet transform used to decomposition eachframe in the speech signal, then present anew algorithm used two steps: (1)addition of noise derived from three chaotic maps (Henon, Logistical, andIkeda) to the decomposition signal. (2) Chosen bio-chaotic stream cipher whichencrypted the speech signal to stored it into the databases to make it moresecure by using a biometric key and a bio-chaotic function. In this paperpresent how to generate the bio-chaotic key by using any chosen frame (eachframe is that of 256 sample long) to make it the security key. Chaotic functionis used to make the algorithm more secure and make the process of theencryption and decryption more complex. Experimental result of the algorithmshows that the algorithm is faster, stronger and more secure. Use the matlabversion of eighth in the different treatments stage.