Car sticky Bomb detection using Laser triangulation


A sticky bomb is an explosive device, usually IED (Improvised ExplosiveDevice), which can be affixed to a vehicle either by magnetism or an adhesive.Any person in our country has suffered from the effect of these devices, yetnothing can be done to avoid the threat only one has to inspect his carpersonally at each time he has to drive his vehicle, no tools are available forcivilian and in an affordable price to detect a sticky bomb without risking aperson’s own life.The existing methods are very expensive yet not available for civilians, furthermore it has a number of weakness points that we will discuss later, ourproposed method is efficient, cheap, easy to implement and has no weaknesspoint which may be exploited by terrorists, it depends on laser 3D scanning forthe bottom of the vehicle to form a 3D initial model and store it into thesystems memory, then when a person remotely activate the system it willrescan the surface for changes and tampers, if such change is found an alarmwill be sounded reflecting the size of the change and locates the foreign bodyon the car’s bottom surface.This method can overcome the drawbacks of the existing methods and add anew level of robustness for sticky bomb detection techniques to save lives inour country.