Measurement of total serum IgE antibody in patients with atopic dermatitis


Objectives: To estimate the difference in total serum IgE level between patients with atopic dermatitis (AD) and healthy control subjects and to correlate age and gender of patients, and severity of AD with total serum IgE level. Patients and methods: This is a case-series study on 52 patients with AD, recruited from dermatology clinic at Al-Jumhoori teaching hospital in Mosul, during the first half of 2010. Twenty five healthy non-atopic subjects were recruited from same clinic as a control group.Results: The total serum IgE level in patients with AD was 286.0 (SD 83.1) IU/ml; corresponding value in control group was 47.8 (SD 38.1) IU/ml. Thus, total serum IgE level was significantly higher in patients with AD than in control group (p = 0.007). The highest concentration of total serum IgE level was found among females (p = 0.04), age group 11-15 year (p = 0.09), and severe cases of AD (p = 0.007).Conclusion: Majority of patients with AD have a raised total serum IgE level, which in turn correlates well with female gender, age group 11-15 year, and severity of disease.


IgE, atopic, dermatitis