Design and FPGA Implementation of Takagi- Sugeno Fuzzy Controller Based on LUTs


Abstract In this paper, an approach for designing Fuzzy Controller based on Takagi-Sugeno inference engine with high computational speeds in architecture is proposed. The work focuses on advantages and disadvantages of Takagi-Sugeno control as compared with Mamdani's', in addition to focus on how computational complexity of the inference engine can be reduced and the speed of computation can be increased. Fuzzy Controller is implemented on FPGA using Look-Up Table (LUT). Whereas, each LUT is represented by Block RAMs in FPGA besides using number of arithmetic units in the design. To interface the design with users, a GUI program is designed using Visual Basic. Using JTAG port, the GUI's data can be stored in Block RAMs. Later, a designed Air Conditioning application is implemented and the practical results (in FPGA), theoretical results (computed by hand) and Matlab results are compared.Keywords: LUT, FPGA, JTAG port, Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Controller, GUI.