Survey of malformations at birth in Al-najaf Al-ashraf province


This study was conducted surveys to collect cases of congenital anomalies of the years 2005, 2006.2007 and 2008 live births in the maternity hospital and children in the province of Najaf, where the results were 378 cases deformation (deformation of the brain and neural tube defect, small head size, congenital cardiovascular, lip clefts, palate clefts, the structural defects, hydrocephalus, malformations of the digestive system) of the total 9653 live births, which was increased by 222 (58.7%) case of females, while males were increased by 158 cases (41.3%). The on the basis of the distribution of cases, depending on years of study was the year 2006, more frequent and the least of the past year 2008. The results of this study showed a higher rate of malformations of the brain and spinal cord and the least of which is the spine bifida Over the years of study. In 2005, the more abnormalities (19) the case of mothers aged 24-20 years, but 2006 was the number of cases (69) status of mothers aged 44-40 years, while the year 2007 resembled 2006 more than that age group is 44-40 in the occurrence of cases, and the year 2008 were the highest in the age group 29-25 years (35.3%).