The Effect of Globalization Factors in The Bank Business Requirements


So the Globalization become the most important phenomenon which spread among the human beings in the twenty one century , its is also the essential phenomenon in the modern world and it shows the features of the future and determine through it the (social ,economical ,cultural ,mental) nature and effects. The more marked globalization effects are dropping and removing the economic constraints among the world countries canceling the protection and all that was after establishing the international trade organization ,the appearance of international and regions economic groups ,the competition of the market and realizing the incorporation and integration among the world markets and opening many competitions. So that the problem’s research is centering around the ability of weakness on the simulation flied of would banking which is depended on set of current factor that included the bank’s strategic , stricture , survive objective and the trust of investors , communications and information. Therefore the study is building on the basic hypothesis (there is signifies relationship between the globalization factor and the bank business requirements. The summary of research is summered to the set of conclusion , the best important of them are banks need to support the financial position from restructure which is the main require to inter the markets would in addition that using of web sit (internet) and used the tools of modern marketing . According to that the research formulized it’s recommendation .