Study the Causes of Parasitic Diarrhea in Children in Al-Ahded Village. Dyala governarate


This study was performed during period from 1-12-2008 to 30-4-2009 in AL- Ahidded village. . Dyala governarate This study included 975 patients attending to the healthy center in the village with diarrhea symptoms in children, with age from 1 month to – 10 years . The diagnosis of diarrheal infection performed by laboratory diagnosis of stool samples . This study appeared that the number of patient what are they with diarrhea infraction was 495(50.7%) The infections with Giardia lamblia 55 (11%). and Entamoeba histolytica 93 (18.7%).The results showed that the diarrheal infections among children from 1 month to 1 year where more than in group from 8-10 years 38% The diarrhea infections increased during months, so the infection increase with increase of temperatures degree, according to month studies.


Study, Diarrhea, Dyala